Yeah, the fans aren’t exactly optimistic about that one

And in another nod to the changing times, the main dining room is graced with a painting of Nelson Mandela, the country’s first black president, just across the room from the queen. The club voted to relax its dress code to allow traditional African dress. And last month, the club did the nearly unthinkable by dropping the long standing requirement for men to wear a coat and tie..

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Celine Bags I was hopeful [of fighting Joshua] but the reality was they were always going to take the safer option. The issue in the terms of negotiation would have been the terms of the rematch there would have been a rematch clause and that’s where the money would have been made. That was [when I would have earned] the life changing money.”Although he suggests that a deal to fight Joshua never really came close to being made, Price believes the champion’s team chose to fight Molina against the wishes of both his promoter and the fighter himself.”No initial offer was made [to me] but I think Eddie Hearn [Joshua’s promoter] would have preferred to have me as the challenger, but it was Joshua’s training team who didn’t want me and I also think Joshua would have wanted me.”Eddie Hearn (centre) dismissed Price’s claims that his fighter was taking the easy option. Celine Bags

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